Helping you with your New Year’s resolutions

Helping you with New Year's resolutions

We all have our share of New Year’s resolutions which looked so great on January 1st but did not live longer than a day, a week or a month. When we achieve one resolution though, we experience a deep and wonderful sense of achievement, as we should. So why not try it again?

The magic recipe for the perfect New Year’s resolutions does not exist yet. We can all be very happy about this, because it proves we are all unique! Now there are four ingredients which can greatly increase our chances to achieve a resolution:

  • A wish from within
  • A positive formulation
  • A clear plan
  • A friendly help

The wish from within is essential. A resolution inspired by others or to please others will never be as motivating as a wish which comes from us. If the resolution is about stopping smoking, let’s ensure it is not because we have been asked to, it will not hold too long. If it is because we have reached a state of mind which strongly dictates us to stop, it has much better chances to work.

A positive goal will always be more motivating than the objective to “stop doing something” or “not doing something”. Let’s not wish to “lose 10 kgs” but instead “reach a weight of xx kgs”. Let’s not decide to “stop smoking” but instead “save xxx amount of money currently spent per week on cigarettes”.

Resolutions are like work projects, they have a better chance of being realized with a clear action plan. Let’s define a timeline, milestones, realistic and measurable progression criteria. Even better if we write down this plan from day one and review the plan on a regular basis.

Your 2020 resolutions could be, for example, to explore volunteering or to be more eco-friendly.

If it is important to decide a resolution ourselves, deep from within, it does not mean we should be alone during the journey. On the contrary, a helping and friendly hand will maximize without any doubt our chances to realize our wishes. A few hints to choose the most appropriate friends: they should have a genuine interest in our success, be there when we need them without judging us. If they have some expertise related to our resolution it is even better!

Now dear Reader, do you want to know our New year’s resolution? Helping you achieve your own New Year’s resolutions!

You certainly wonder how we can even pretend to realize this. Have a look at our LiveMore App. If you find this app can be your digital friend on your journey towards your resolutions and helps you in anyway, this will make our day, week, month, year ?. And like any friend would do for you, the content we provide you in this app is entirely for free!

So set your resolutions, do not hesitate to share them with us at [email protected] and let us know which expert content would help you most realize them if you do not find it in our app. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your New Year’s resolutions!

Happy 2020!

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