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We are an international team with one goal : Make personal development accessible to everyone

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Our mission is to help everyone expand their life skills to realize their personal and professional goals

Our global network of highly-certified experts, from all areas which have an impact on your life – relationships, health, learning, achievements, purpose, environment, finance and leisure – only has one goal: support you in your personal development journey by helping you expand your life skills.

They create every week new content (quizzes, short-reads and tracks), on specific topics such as “Boost your productivity”, “How to work effectively from home”, “Is your resume really ready?” “How powerful is your camera presence?”, “Think like an optimist”, and 140+ more topics available on the app.

The LiveMore team is dedicated to helping you expand your life skills, seize every opportunity in your life and live it to the fullest. To support you in your personal development journey, you can also connect privately for free with any experts, and ask them for personal advice and tips or share your story.

How do we make a difference?

To LiveMore Users

• Free access to wide ranging personal development content from a global group of seasoned experts

• Personal and direct questions to LiveMore experts, for free

• Reward of app usage with tokens redeemable on LiveMore Plus


to liveMore experts

• Connecting to our global community of users

• Direct contacts with LiveMore users via the Ask function

• Moving to the mobile app world

• Upselling the expertise in our LiveMore+: users can buy 1-on-1sessions & online courses

to enterprises

• Wellness Program Manager – employee engagement & reporting

• Personalized Wellness program on a wide range of topics

• Elevated reward program for employees via LiveMore tokens

Reasons why we wake up in the morning

I have to share with you, I didn't believe these chats would be with another human individual. I thought it would be some computer automated messages that just go on a repeat cycle or something so in the very beginning, I messaged out of grabbing onto the last it of hope I had for myself and prayed. And look! Here we are! And you are alive and well. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to step back and take the time to respond to my messages!. It really does mean a lot to me!
Jennifer, Canada
Exchanging via the "ask" function with an expert
When faced with decisions around a way forward looking at what lies ahead, seeing the situation as a chance for change of direction and not the loss of our old ways and habits, can open up a whole new vista of what is possible. There is an app that is totally free to its user on topics to set you free from a restricted vision of life possibilities called LiveMore . Download it now for yourself or your adult family to use.
Angela, UK
Posted on her own Facebook page

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