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LiveMore is a free personal development app that helps you expand your life skills. Our team of international experts creates quizzes, articles and tracks on all life topics to help you make positive changes in your life!

Our Core Values
And What We Believe In

Human Development

We believe that free and easy access to quality personal development knowledge and advice will give people more freedom and opportunities to live the lives they value.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that every human being deserves equal opportunity to wellness in their personal life and at work, irrespective of their gender, nationality, age, education, wealth and social background.

Lasting Relationships

We believe in the value of long-term partnerships based upon a genuine interest in the positive impact of our actions on the companies and persons we serve.

Where should you start?

Personal development is defined by many varying components. But common factors include assessing your skills and qualities, considering your aim in life and setting goals to maximize your potential. We have designed a quiz to help you assess your current situation  and prioritize your personal development opportunities. Take 10 minutes of your time to complete the quiz and find out more about yourself ! 

The App helps you Learn New Skills


Discover amazing tips from our experts in the form of articles, podcasts & videos


Learn & practice with our tracks, to help you progress towards your goals


Take short & insightful quizzes to help you understand yourself better


Get actionnable answers for your objectives by connecting with our experts

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Via the “Ask” feature within the app, you can connect easily and quickly with any of our experts. Let them give you actionnable answers to your personal development questions!

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Best experience hands down! This is my best app on my phone till now. Am totally loving this. And the quiz part is just awesome. It has also increased my reading habits. I am sure it will help me in personal development as well as expand my life skills. And thanks to the experts for every bit of advice.
Avdul Khan
LiveMore User
Literally underrated.
I have only used this for days and I love it! I recommend it to my friends and they're starting to explore with it.
This is an amazing app!
Ichigo Mirai
LiveMore User