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Why do we need experts?

One of LiveMore’s principle is that for any question everyone has on their life-changing or personal development topics, there is an expert with relevant training, expertise and practice who has actionnable answers. With the LiveMore app, those answers come in the form of Reads, Quizzes, Tracks & the Ask function to chat privately with any expert.

Our Experts create tailored content based on their areas of expertise: from Psychologists, to Nutritionists, Career Strategists to Yoga Masters, and many more. Each of our Expert has numerous certifications and over 8 years+ of practice in their fields. We ensure LiveMore Experts are highly qualified personal development experts who share our values: to bring their valuable knowledge to our LiveMore community.

For you, our growing LiveMore community, we work hard to recruit great experts on all life related topics. So that all of you may find the ressources to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. If somehow, you haven’t found the content you’re looking for, we would love to hear your feedback. Send us your enquiry at [email protected]

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Via the “Ask” feature of the app, you can connect easily and quickly with any of our experts. Let them give you actionnable answers to your personal development questions!

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