Accès aux Experts LiveMore

Our LiveMore Experts are personal development professionals,
based all over the world, and carefully selected by our team.

Some of Our Experts

Gaëlle Tuffigo, Coach

Bri Williams, Public Speaking Coach

Deepak Panday, Yoga Instructor

Barry Winbolt, Psychologist

Karen Kwong, Executive Coach

Daisy Whitbread, Nutritionist

And many more...

What it means to be a liveMore experts
  • Create unique & tailored self-development content for LiveMore on your topic of expertise in the shape of Video, audio or article / quizzes and guided exercises to help
  • Help our users with guidance by replying to their questions
  • Provide 1-on-1 sessions or online courses on the LiveMore marketplace
  • Provide webinars or tailored workshops for LiveMore BtoB clients
How to become a liveMore expert ?

You must have :

  • Certifications in your domain of expertise 
  • 7+ years of experience with a current active practice 
  • A proven methodology & approach 
  • A sizable number of people coached / helped
  • Ability to work & coach anywhere

At LiveMore, we have strong values and the understanding of our values and a robust value fit is required to become a LiveMore expert

Join us !

Experts' testimonials

“The LiveMore partnership has brought me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others, gain greater exposure for my business, and earn income.
 I have enjoyed working with the LiveMore team, who have been professional, transparent, and with me every step of the journey. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with, and learn, from other experts.”

Patricia Thompson, Executive coach & Psychologist, Philadelphia, USA, LiveMore Expert

"Being LiveMore Experts has been a great source of flexible work for us as freelancers.  We have been able to contribute our own ideas in terms of content as well as following LiveMore’s team suggestions. It also feels like being a part of a community including the LiveMore team and other Experts. Producing content such as articles, videos and podcasts has also been enjoyable."

Daisy Whitbread, Nutritionist, London, UK, & Deepak Pandey, Yoga Teacher, London UK, LiveMore Expert but also husband & wife

"Being a LiveMore expert has brought me the sense that I'm sharing information where it is much needed and a feeling of belonging. I like being part of something that is breaking new ground, and evolving. I enjoy Interacting with App users via the 'Ask' function, I get the sense that my contributions are appreciated and of value. I also like the freedom to contribute at my own pace."

Barry Winbolt, Psychologist