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2020 New Years’ Green Travel Resolutions

As hard as it may be to believe, 2020 is in full swing. Many of us choose to set resolutions when going into the New Year, and one of the most common noted goals is to travel more. If you are one of those individuals that has pledged to adopt greener travel practices in 2020, below are 5 tips to assist in sticking with your newfound resolution: 

Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Choosing a location that is considered “off-the-grid” and remote can be intimidating, but travelling to a lesser known destination will help a country out by dispersing tourism away from their gateway city, whilst still supporting the local economy.  Moreover, by going to a more unusual place, you open the doors to an exhilarating experience to discover a new place and culture, as well as the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Attempt a Zero Single-Use Plastics Trip

While sometimes being plastic free may be impossible to avoid, actively working towards eliminating these items and making conscious decisions ultimately benefits the surrounding community and environment. Overall, this choice has the ability to leave a more positive impression on the locals, whilst contributing to a cleaner, more efficient world. 

Support Local Only

It may be easy to fall back on familiar comforts when you travel… from large international coffee brands to corporate hotel chains, many individuals will stick with corporate names as they give a taste of home.  However, making it your mission to only shop, dine, stay, and tour with local establishments supports a circular economy and gives you the true glimpse of what life is like in the destination that you are visiting. 

Surround Yourself in Natural Landscapes for Mental Clarity

Research suggests that being closer to nature can reduce negative emotions ― such as, stress, anger, fear ― and enhance our overall well-being. In 2020, make a point to plan a trip to fully enjoy the Earth’s natural, healing resources.  And while you are at it, why not try a nature-based destination with limited connectivity? Periodically taking the time to do a digital detox has also been proven to have many positive health benefits; such as, feelings of happiness, greater productivity, increase in creative flow, and so on.  

Make a Point to Do a Small, Good Task Each Day

Sometimes even the simplest actions can speak volumes. From picking up trash during your beachside stroll to purchasing a hand-crafted souvenir from a local artisan, putting a little extra thought into your decisions will certainly speak volumes to your peers and the greater surrounding community.

2020 Travel Resolutions

With the growing momentum of the sustainability movement, now is the perfect opportunity to move into the new decade and utilise travel as a tool to spark positive change. Implementing the above 5 suggestions will not only benefit your personal travel goals, but also keep in mind the foreign destinations, communities, and natural environment too. 

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