Q: When will the app be available?

A: Livemore App will be released on App Store and Google Play Store in January 2020.

Q: How much does it cost to use the app?

A: Nothing! You have access to 100% of the content of the app for free. No advertising, no strings attached, no subscription.

Q: Is Livemore a health app?

A: Life is holistic by design. We have founded Livemore to connect you to a global network of experts with a solid practice on a wide range of topics. We have regrouped these topics in 8 categories: achievements, environment, finance, health, learning, leisure, purpose, relationships. So we are not a health app, nor a meditation app or a finance app. There are very good apps in these domain already which our experts often recommend. Consider Livemore as your friendly digital companion which provides you expert content on any life-changing topic you want.

Q: How do you source your experts?

A: We select experts who meet the following criteria: (1) they have an active current practice which allows them to interact directly everyday with persons with real questions/goals/problems to solve. (2) they have the qualifications required to counsel people in their respective fields (3) they have a solid experience in sharing their expertise, be it via on line courses, books, podcasts, etc…(4) they share our core values: deep respect for every person’s life choices and their privacy, putting people above personal profit, have a positive impact, foster diversity

Q: what happens with my data?

A: LIVEMORE is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)requirements. Besides, your data stays with us, we will never sell it. If you have any concern related to the privacy of your data, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] (free of charge).

Q: can I ask for additional content which would be of interest to me?

A: yes absolutely, please send us a email to [email protected] We will then source for experts with proven experience and extended knowledge about your topics of interest. We will deliver to you the content they will build for us within a few weeks, entirely for free.

Q: how does Livemore make money

A: We will offer you the option to buy services and products via a market place inthe app, if you find such products and services relevant. The services will consist of personalized face to face or remote live sessions with our experts. Products will be sourced from ethical vendors who respect their suppliers and ensure their products are not harmful to the environment and society. We will focus on local products in every country.