5 minutes interview with our founders


In 2009, Serge and Neil met for the first time in New York. They used to hold different positions but realized that they were sharing the same passion for equal opportunity and human development. 

Last week we challenged them to answer as quick as they could the following questions without seeing each other answers! 

To learn more about LiveMore and the birth of the company we invite you to grab a cup of coffee, sit down in a comfy chair and take 5 minutes to discover how the idea was born. 


1.     What led you to start LiveMore? 

Serge : I have seen many great young professionals struggle after school because they were lacking essential soft skills which have become so important in our volatile world. I have seen the best and the worst in my career in terms of mentoring, coaching, training. I strongly believe all  human beings deserve access to quality knowledge which can help them expand their life skills and reach their personal and professional life goals, irrespective of money, location, social background. We have created LiveMore to provide to every adult a free and easy access to quality personal-development knowledge developed by real experts and help companies contribute concretely to the well being of their employees.

Neil : I come from an area in New York, where the chances of young people (in particular minorities) going down a bad path is high. Even if these young people make it their chance of excelling and doing well in their personal and professional lives are not good. I was very fortunate to have great mentors and people around me to ask for support. I often think about the people I grew up with and went to school with who didn’t have those mentors or support system. LiveMore is a platform that gives people a fighting chance to get support anytime anywhere from experts who have a deep wealth of knowledge that they want to share. Life is beautiful, but at the same time the paths ahead are not always clear. Going through the journey called life with a support team that you can rely on increases your opportunities of being happy and successful. 

2.     What is your driving purpose for LiveMore?  

Serge : Know that someone was able to overcome a challenge and live a better life after having used the LiveMore app and being inspired or helped by one of our experts, be it by discovering a content created by this expert and available in the LiveMore app or a direct interaction with this expert. Everytime it happens, it makes my day!

Neil : We don’t claim to have all the answers to life’s problems, but we will surely find experts that do!

3.     Why did you choose Singapore as your headquarters?  

Serge : I have lived in Singapore since 2005 and developed a great network there, starting with Neil Persaud, my business partner and co-founder of LiveMore. It made perfect sense to start in Singapore and then expand in Europe and North America.

Neil : Naturally it was the best place for us to have as a HQ. Serge and I are residents of Singapore and it makes sense to start here.

4.     What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve been given?

Serge : Know your core values and listen to what they tell you, as they will be the best compass when you have to make difficult choices.

Neil :  Start with the WHY. Finding purpose in what you do makes everything much better.

5.     Name a couple of items you wish you knew before you started.

Serge : What it takes to create and deploy a mobile app, the importance of prototyping and the lean startup process, growth hacking

Neil : Building an app takes time and many people will tell you it can’t be done

6.     What have you learned about yourself during your journey? 

Serge : I had to greatly improve my ability to communicate my concerns when I see areas of improvement

 Neil  : I always knew that working with people was my passion. What I learned is I love talking to prospects and clients!

7.     What one thing did you have to overcome to get to where you are today? 

Serge : To humbly add to Simon sinks words : the time, energy and money it takes to transform a great Why onto an impactful How and What.

Neil : I had to overcome the challenges of being away from my family, adapting to a new environment, and now raising a young family.

8.     What are the big milestones you are looking to achieve in 2021 and beyond? 

Serge : After the opening of our Paris based subsidiary in February, develop our foot print in Europe and sign strategic partnerships with global companies promoting life long personal development

Neil : West! We are Headquartered in Singapore, but we have ambitions to grow in the region expand into Europe and of course my home turf, the US.


We hope that you have enjoyed your coffee break and that this interview has inspired you ! 

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