6 Tips to relax your mind & body

Relax your mind & Body

Do you sometimes experience days filled with pressure, emergencies and interruptions, without having a pause to recharge your battery? Days where you feel you need many more hours to get things done?
Well, we all do! If we are constantly active in 24-7 mode, we run the risk on the long run to experience excessive stress, physical discomfort and sometimes mental issues, because our mind and body are so well connected with each other.
However, securing sufficient breaks and periods of rest in our current digital and fast paced world is a challenge for many of us. Now the good news is that we can always include simple relaxations techniques even in the craziest day of all.
Here are a few tips I wanted to share with you to relax your mind & body:

1. Intention Setting

Giving yourself a focus keeps your mind from spinning in multiple directions. Whenever you experience stress, you’ll have an intention and focus to return to in order to find calmness and clarity. When you wake up, create a simple statement about your intention of today, e.g.:

  • Today, I’ll stay positive when I get challenged.
  • Today, I want to get to know my colleagues a bit better.
  • Today, I want to learn something new.
2. To-Do List

When you wake up in the morning, create a to-do list and set a priority in terms of importance/most valuable things to do. Writing your thoughts and to-do’s physically with a pen on paper helps you to clear your mind, keep calmness, create structure and an overview which helps you throughout the day. Start with the easiest or most valuable to-do’s and cross of items as you finish them; it will feel so satisfying.

3. Move/Exercise

Movements and exercise do not only help to keep your body fit, they also help to clear your mind. Exercising can release tension, reduce stress and boost your self-confidence, strength, happiness and positive feelings (due to the endorphins which are being released).Choose an exercise which you love and timing/frequency which works for you! Whether it’s running, swimming, yoga, a walk through the park – Whatever makes you happy!

4. Yoga and meditation

Yoga focuses on developing and maintaining a natural balance between our mind and body. Integration of the mind and body can be realized through Yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and relaxation. Yoga and meditation bring many benefits. They contribute to making our body strong and flexible, they improve our ability to control our breath, they help to create calmness and clarity in our mind – and so much more! Practicing Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation on a regular basis (e.g. daily before going to bed), can help you to unwind, relax and recharge.

5. Night Time Ritual

In order to calm down and unwind at night before going to sleep, a night time ritual can really help to relax. Everybody has their own ways to wind down, but here are a few suggestions which you can give a try!

  • Take a shower in order to “wash off” the day (e.g. dirt, emotions, negative energy)
  • Take care of your body with your own rituals (e.g. body scrub, body cream or just dress yourself in your favorite comfortable clothes/pajamas)
  • Drink your favorite (caffeine-free) night tea
  • Read a (paper) book
  • Write about your day in your journal
  • Create a calming environment in your bedroom, e.g. with essential oils (lavender oil is wonderful for sleeping), warm lights and a comfortable room temperature.
6. Checklist for more calmness in your life

There are many triggers which can keep us active or negatively impact our ability to relax. Here is a short checklist which can create more calmness!

  • Don’t postpone (necessary) to-do’s too long; start with the easiest or most valuable to-do’s and finish them off as you go; stop starting, start finishing!
  • Say more often “no” and choose for personal “me” time
  • Don’t watch your phone after a certain time at night (e.g. 9PM) in order to calm your mind and reduce the risk of external triggers you cannot control
  • Drink less coffee to limit your caffeine intake which positively impacts your ability to relax

Introducing these 6 habits in your daily routine can have a very positive impact and will help you relax your mind & body! You may experience higher concentration, improved mental resilience, increased memory, and above all – what we all strive for: a positive mindset, happiness and a healthy lifestyle!

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